Are there any special considerations for disposing of waste water from power or high-pressure washing jobs?

When washing under pressure or pressure, every time you use soap (or other cleaning chemicals) you must dispose of that water in the sanitary sewer system. You will need to develop a method for containing, collecting and discarding wastewater. There are several complete systems that help achieve this for sale. Use dry methods such as brooms, blowers, or street sweepers to clean the area before using a pressure washer in any surface.

Block storm drains first to prevent debris from entering. The first consideration in all oil and grease spill cleanups is the method of capturing and removing wastewater. We pass the water through a grease reservoir before collecting it and then pass it through filters and an oil-water separator. Food grease that is pumped back into a restaurant's grease trap doesn't need to go through a separator, as it could clog.

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