Why would you need a hot water pressure washer?

Hot-water pressure washers use hot water to remove dirt, grime, and other debris from surfaces. Hot water is more effective at breaking up tough stains and removing stubborn dirt. Hot-water pressure washers are also great for disinfecting surfaces. Hot water has been shown to be more effective at removing stains than cold water.

Why? The hotter the temperature, the lower the surface tension of the water. This means that the molecules separate, making it easier to expand and then shed a stain. In addition, hot water can pass through fat quickly and effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms. The cost of buying and maintaining a hot water pressure washer is initially higher due to the additional burner and corresponding energy consumption. The use of hot water offers time savings of up to 35% with better cleaning results.

In addition, an HDS machine typically eliminates detergent costs.

Pressure washing

with hot water will help remove automotive liquids, cooking oil, grease and general dirt from hard surfaces. Even so, hot water pressure washers easily pay for themselves with labor savings, as they provide a faster and more effective pressure cleaning method. However, if the surface you're cleaning is mixed with oil or grease, a cold-water pressure washer won't clean as well as a hot-water pressure washer.

A pressure washer that produces hot water is a very expensive investment; companies that have these machines are usually trained and well informed about all aspects of outdoor cleaning. All types of concrete are different: some can withstand very high pressures, while others can be damaged with very low pressures. A pressure washing company that has purchased hot water equipment is usually dedicated to its business and not to a company that “leaves tomorrow here today”.Hot water pressure washers combine a perfect balance of these three key elements: heat, agitation and soap, to provide impactful pressure cleaning. This is because washing with hot water has the added advantage that the volume of high-pressure agitation water hits the surface.

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