What maintenance does an electric pressure washer need?

Maintenance of other pressure washers Eliminate obstructions in the spray tip or in the adjustable nozzle. Lubricate the hose connections, spray gun, and extension rod. Replace the O-rings on the water inlet connections, the high pressure hose and the spray gun. Clean dirt from the ventilation grilles.

Regular maintenance will ensure the safety and reliability of the pressure washer. Follow these steps before and after each use to ensure that the unit is working properly. Average-size gasoline-powered pressure washers consume one quart of 5W30 engine oil and will require scheduled oil maintenance. Pressure washer pumps, including electric models, use detergent-free (ND) oil and most don't require maintenance.

This will relieve pump pressure and reduce engine resistance, making it easier to start (gasoline pressure washers only). If your pressure washer is a key component of your business, you must learn how to repair it the right way. It's important to find a user manual for your specific unit, as you'll find different protocols in terms of frequency (along with the type of maintenance), from gas or electric pressure washers, hot or cold water pressure washers, etc. Dedicate your time to more important work while the people at Hotsy repair your gas or electric pressure washer quickly and get it back up and running.

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