When should you not power wash your house?

If it's too cold, the water can freeze when it comes in contact and damage your home. If it's too hot or if you're under extreme temperature warnings, you shouldn't pressure wash. Heat can cause solution cleaners to evaporate too quickly, making them less effective. In general, homes should be pressure washed at least once a year, anytime between March and November.

As the calendar year progresses, you'll want to make sure your home is well cared for before freezing temperatures and winter weather arrive. Pressure washing is best thought of as a routine household maintenance task, as it will help increase the lifespan of siding, concrete, and all exterior surfaces.

Washing your house with a pressure washer is very likely to shed water underneath the siding, which could soak wall cavities, insulation, wiring, floor, plaster, etc. With all of these dangers, you might be wondering why you should consider pressure washing your house

.Pressure washing is usually the first step in getting a new paint job, so I see that a lot of painters do it and do it badly.

You have to know the different types of coating, as well as oxidation and how it reacts to pressure, to be able to properly perform pressure washing. For those who have older homes that may contain lead-based paint, pressure washing can be dangerous for their family or even neighboring families. Pressure washing is a fantastic way to keep your coating looking like new, but it's not suitable for every household. Since it's not as aggressive as pressure washing, you should use a cleaning solution when washing it gently.

Using a setting that's too high while pressure washing can cause water to penetrate underneath vinyl siding, brick, or even concrete. While ideal for cladding bricks and concrete, pressure washing isn't always recommended for cladding the house. It's understandable to want this paint to go away, but high-pressure washing isn't a safe solution. Unless you like to engrave your name on the side of your house with water, this is just another reason not to pressure wash.

While pressure washing is great for preparing before you start painting, the same functions apply to deep and simple cleaning. This is not common, but there is no doubt that you can include it in your criteria when looking for pressure washing professionals.

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