Can high water pressure cause damage?

Some people may think that high water pressure is a good thing, but a house with too much water pressure can cause costly and annoying damage. Excessive water pressure is a major cause of pipe damage, leaks, and water waste. Water can be a powerful force in a home. It hurts for long periods of time and often without us realizing that something is wrong. If water flows at high pressure and stops in the pipes, it can cause long-term damage, such as minor leaks.

It may not sound so bad, but these leaks can lead to structural damage and even broken pipes. While high water pressure can fill bathtubs in a short time, the reality is that an extended period of high water pressure can cause great damage to your home's pipes. Even if water pressure only occasionally exceeds the 80 psi mark, installing a water pressure regulator on the main water line isn't a bad investment. You probably know that low water pressure can be such a problem that no one wants to spend forever trying to get shampoo out of their hair.

Just ask a licensed plumber to install a device called a water pressure regulator (or pressure reducing valve). Water pressure in a house is essential, such as the dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances that use water. Water pressure is high when you shower or wash a car, but it's the last thing you want for your house or for your water bill. A water pressure gauge is a measuring device used to measure water pressure within a piping system. Most modern homes are equipped with a water pressure regulator to help control water pressure and keep it at the proper level.

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