What ppe is required for high pressure cleaning?

A water pressure greater than 2,000 PSI requires a full face shield, and at 4,000 PSI, the water jet can literally tear an eyeball out of its cavity. Strong, waterproof gloves (insulating, if you run hot water) are needed to protect your hands. The use of rubber boots with metatarsal protectors is highly recommended. Stay dry and safe with Power Wash Store personal protective equipment.

Discover our selection of gloves, boots and safety goggles to reduce the chance of your workers coming into contact with chemicals and other hazardous liquids. He lost his balance when using a high-pressure grease gun, moved his hand in the opposite direction to regain his balance, and high-pressure grease was injected through safety gloves and into the index finger of his hand, near the point where it meets the palm of his hand.

Working in older buildings can lead to unexpected safety issues, such as mold, dust and other particles that can be expelled into the air during pressure washing.

In order not to damage the surface, begin pressure washing with the white tip on and begin spraying a test surface that keeps the spray a few feet from the surface. A pressure washer may not have the same high pressure as a grease gun or paint gun, but the PSI is sufficient to cause serious damage. He has also worked as a commercial pressure washer in a processing plant for 3 years and has been using commercial and residential pressure washers for more than 15 years.


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