What is 0 degree pressure washer nozzle used for?

Cleaning grades: 0° red nozzle: used to clean substances that are difficult to clean, such as tar, caked mud, persistent stains, glue, etc. Be careful not to get too close to delicate surfaces with this nozzle. Choose the right nozzle and it practically doesn't matter the PSI and GPM of your pressure washer: you'll get the cleaning you want, since the nozzle is what creates pressure in the pressure washer. The larger opening reduces pressure so drastically that it is not much different from that of a shower nozzle.

Washing cars with a pressure washer nozzle is not the most harmless, but the fastest way to return a flawless car. If the surface is resistant, first bring the spray closer to the surface, as the distance is the easiest way to adjust the effective pressure. The white 40-degree nozzle produces a wide and gentle pressure spray to gently clean the most fragile surfaces, such as windows, blinds, flower pots, cars, etc. The standard set of nozzles that come with a pressure washer will allow you to clean several types of surfaces.

Actually, choosing the right pressure washer nozzle is more important than the PSI or GPM of your pressure washer unit. It should be noted that moving away from the surface with a nozzle of a certain grade further reduces pressure on it. This allows the pressure washer to detect a “pressure drop” and initiate chemical flow through the hose and out the end of the rod. Turbo or rotary nozzles sometimes come with the pressure washer, but are usually sold as an accessory.

Even with a pressure washer suitable for homeowners, this nozzle could cut through skin, upholstery, or wood. If you're not sure what nozzle you need, or if you're new to pressure washing or are trying out a new machine for the first time, follow these general rules. This nozzle will benefit from this nozzle for terraces, cars, fences, stucco and pretty much anything else that needs cleaning at a lower pressure. Today I'm going to teach you how to adapt the nozzle of a pressure washer (also called a spray tip) to the cleaning surface to ensure quick and complete cleaning without damage.

The green spout has a 25-degree extension approximately 16 inches wide to 36 inches above the surface, making it ideal for gentle rinsing. The yellow 15-degree nozzle has a narrow but powerful fan that is ideal for removing dirt, rust, paint or mold to prepare the surface of most surfaces before painting, staining or resealing them.

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